Our Story.

Our founder, Joseph Cosgrave, has been working in recruitment for years and came to realise there was a gap in the market for an automated matchmaking software. He came up with a solution that would leverage the power of advanced AI and chatbot technology to streamline the application process and thus InstaHire was born.

Our complete suite of services provide a platform where jobseekers and employers can host their own profile pages, along with a job board, complete recruitment services, and personalised brand marketing. 

We’ve created a one-stop solution for hiring and job hunting that will revolutionise the recruiting process.


Team Members

Joseph Cosgarve


Joseph has a combined 15 years experience in recruitment, marketing, digital and business and drink way too much coffee. 

Nina White

Strategic Account Executive

Nina loves graphic design, social media marketing, and improving UX.

Muireann Beasley

Marketing Executive

Muireann loves graphic design, social media marketing, and improving UX.

ATS & Hiring Platform


Our mission is to simplify the matchmaking process when it comes to employment.  We know that both looking for jobs and employees can be a headache, so we want to do our part to efficiently place skilled workers in great positions where they will thrive.


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